Provision for the Innovation and Venture Financing Committee of Interregional public organization "Moscow Entrepreneur Association" (Draft)

  • 1. Objectives and current activities
  • 2. Plan of Activities
  • 3. Ongoing socially significant projects
  • 4. Advisory activities
  • 5. Innovative projects sponsors support
  • 6. Innovation-active companies support
  • 7. Cooperation with investors
  • 8. Information activities
  • 9. Membership in the Committee
  • The Committee's activities are aimed at providing the authors of innovative projects, investors and innovative managers with tools, services and conditions for effective implementation of innovative projects and modernization of enterprises.

    Objectives and current activities

    1. 1. Examination of innovative projects
    2. 2. Investment attraction for the projects
    3. 3. Project Management
    4. 4. Innovation broker’s (Venture Partner, Russian Venture Company) activities support
    Ongoing activities:
    • Contest of Innovation Projects "High Tech Leader” jointly with Moscow City Government;
    • Intercollegiate Student Contest of innovative projects "SCIP-Start" jointly with universities and research institutions;
    • Business events in Russia and the United States;
    • Forming the infrastructure for innovation support: Business Incubators, Innovation Centers and Investment Funds.



    March 21-24 "Biotech World" , forum. Moscow City Government building on Novy Arbat
    April 12 - 17 «Technology Business Forum», an event aimed at the development of investment activity in the areas of robotics and intelligent embedded systems. Initiator – “RVC”, ltd. Moscow, Crocus Expo Centre
    April 18-21 International Forum «High Tech XXI». Moscow, Expocentre
    June 5’th Moscow Venture Forum. Moscow, Central House of Entrepreneurship
    August 18 - 21 International Aviation and Space Show MASS-2011. Moscow region, Zhukovsky
    September Innovations and investments show. Moscow, “Gostinniy Dvor”
    November International Nanotechnology Forum «Rusnanotech 2010».Moscow, “Expocenter”
    The entire period Presentations of innovative projects
    The entire period Consultations for the authors of innovative projects
    The entire period Consultations for the organizations of innovative entrepreneurship infrastructure development in universities and research organizations
    The entire period Participation in the activities of business community The entire period - participation in business activities of MEA and partners: "Archimedes", "State Procurement", "Russia - Europe: Co-operation without Borders" Days of Small and Medium Business, the National Congress of Russian Angel Investors, Russian Venture Forum, Festival of Science, Youth and Business "," RosBioTech, Participation in the activities of the Russian Venture Company ", and ho Russian Bank for Development, etc.

    Russian delegation to the business events in the United States organized jointly with the Mid-Atlantic Russia Business Council



    June 23-30 14’th Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology week RANIT BIO
    September 2011 RETECH 2011 – the largest business-to-business and business to government conference and exposition on renewable energy in the U.S. AdvaMed- world’s premier medical technology conference and exhibition for business leaders and investors in the Med Tech field
    All the time Presentations of innovative projects and Russian companies, individual consultations and delegations to the U.S.

    The form of participation in major Russian and international exhibitions includes: collective exposure (including the exposure of innovative projects and small innovative companies, stands of partners and contest organizing committee), organization of round tables and seminars, presentations of innovative projects, organization of final events of the innovative projects contest.

    Russian Venture Company (RVC),
    Small and medium scientific-technical enterprises assistance foundation ,
    Russian Bank for Development (RBD),
    Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council (MARBC);
    National Association of Angel Investors (NAAI),
    Russian Association of Innovative Development (RAID),
    Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Agency (IEDA),
    Activities of the Committee are aimed at providing MEA members with tools and services in the field of innovations for effective business..

    Ongoing socially significant projects

    Annual innovative projects contest "High Tech Leader" is held in accordance with the joint decision of Moscow City Government and Moscow Entrepreneur Association. This contest as well as other projects and innovation support programs is organized by the on Innovations and Venture Financing Committee of Moscow Entrepreneur Association in close cooperation with the Scientific and Industrial Policy Department of Moscow City Government. The contest is aimed to attract investments into the market of high technology producers as well as to develop the innovation support infrastructure. It presupposes the following tasks: identifying and promoting the most effective and innovative ideas and projects, training investors and their comprehensive support in the field of innovation, development of international scientific and technical contacts, providing investors and industry with the information about new technologies and products.
    The Contest Organizing Committee organizes consultations and seminars, conferences and round tables for the participants on the issues of innovation and investment the whole year round. Monthly are organized the exhibitions of participants at trade fairs in Russia and in the United States.

    Contact us:
    Phone: (495) 607-9622, (Thread "For the Contest"),

    The Association engages in support and promotion of innovations. Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council ( is one of the key partners of the association in this field. MARBC is the leading non-profit organization in Mid-Atlantic region of the US, providing information and services facilitating business activities of Russian companies in the US. The Council focuses on the most attractive industries for the Russian-American business and scientific and technological cooperation in this U. S. region, including high technology, energy and environmental protection, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, nanotechnology, manufacturing processes, information technology, security technology, transport, equipment , communications, air, space and ground transportation, agriculture, and much more.

    One of the new directions of innovation support is the assistance to small innovative enterprises, established by students, young scientists and entrepreneurs. In 2006, the Association in partnership with a number of universities launched the Intercollegiate Student Contest of Innovative Projects "SCIP-Start"

    “SCIP – Start” gives students an opportunity to try themselves as a business – leader or project member: to find or come up with an innovative idea, work out its technical realization plan, develop the business strategy, find partners and investors for the implementation of your idea. For entrepreneurs and business leaders SCIP provides an opportunity to collect a project team, find smart and energetic young professionals, establish new products and introduce new technologies.

    For investors, angel investors and venture capitalists SCIP provides an opportunity to make investments in promising projects and make a good profit.

    Training sessions devoted to the procedure of turning ideas (intellectual property) into cash are held within the scope of “SCIP-Start” contest. The project teams are assisted by experienced mentors - active businessmen ready to share their experience with their young colleagues. Contestants "try on" different roles - author, leader, professional, etc. Contest site:

    The Association helps businessmen in promoting orders, attracting investments, promoting business; provides consulting, auditing, legal services, helps to optimize accounting, business plan development, feasibility studies, organizes free training and learning, provides free of charge information methodological literature on business organization, provides assistance in project funding, including obtaining foreign grants, purchasing and renting non-residential premises and buildings.

    The Association’s accumulated over years experience in solving problems and assisting businessmen, industrialists and bankers, organized mechanism of interaction with the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, public and business structures, political and business elite of the country enable MEA to remain not only the oldest but also one of the leading business organizations in Russia.

    Advisory work

    Our Advisory Center is open for authors of innovation projects and innovative managers
    Phone: +7 (495) 607-9622, e-mail:,,, Services for authors of innovative projects and managers of innovative companies:
    1. 1. Advisory support on the issues of investing in innovative projects:
      • o Choosing a funding model;
      • o Elaborating personal criteria for funding;
      • o Algorithm for selecting subjects of finance;
      • o Innovative project management
      • 2. Innovative project background for participation in presentation sessions;
      • 3. Capital formatting (Moscow Entrepreneur Association the "Innovative lift" project) of the following sources: private investments, funding from budgets of different levels, venture capital funds, private equity funds and partners of the Russian Bank of Development (RBD). Organizational support is provided through the mechanism of competitive programs: author or director draws up the application form on the website (,, the initial consultations are carried out in correspondence format, via email, forum or through the private section of project on the web-site. The author is invited to participate in classroom group and individual consultations, presentation sessions, talks with investors as the project progresses.
    Организационно поддержка осуществляется через механизм конкурсных программ МАП: автор или руководитель оформляет заявку на сайте (,, первые консультации выполняются в заочном формате, через электронную почту, форум или личный кабинет проекта на сайте. По мере развития проекта автор приглашается к участию в очных групповых и индивидуальных консультациях, к участию в презентационных сессиях, переговорах с инвесторами.

    Innovative companies Support

    1. 1. Advisory support on:
      • o grants for intellectual property protection;
      • o Innovations;
      • o Equipment modernization;
      • o Product promotion (branding, participation in exhibitions and events);
      • o Business planning and choosing the business model;
    2. 2. Capital formatting
    3. 3. Participation in exhibitions and conferences
    4. 4. Marketing research
    5. 5. Search for partners, legal and organizational support on concluding agreements
    Services for investors:
    1. 1. Advisory support on the issues of investing in innovative projects:
      • o Choosing a funding model;
      • o Elaborating personal criteria for funding;
      • o Algorithm for selecting subjects of finance;
      • o Managing the innovative projects;
    2. 2. Organization of presentation sessions of innovative projects (regularly)
    3. 3. Pooling for project co-financing
    4. 4. Investment portfolio formation for participation in financing of multiple projects
    5. 5. Attraction of budgetary funds to the projects backed by private investors
    6. 6. Co-investments
    There are two interrelated options of participation in co-investment:

    Investing in a particular project

    The investor gets advisory support on working with the sponsors.

    An investor can invite partners for co-investment of already selected projects or join the project selected by other investors. You must fill a special application form for that.

    Participation in co-investing is implemented in the following way: The investor declares his desire to co-invest in an innovative project under certain conditions, which are reflected in the special application form and than waits for proposals from potential business partners.

    Investor’s info

    As you well know, finding perspective projects for investment is not an easy thing. Many investors waste their funds because of the lack of decent facilities for investments, which provide the desired yield.

    IVFC with its partners is constantly searching, carefully selecting projects, providing assistance in their improvement in order to provide investors with high quality realistic projects with significant growth prospects. We are working with early stage (pre-starting, starting, initial growth, expansion) projects of different industry sectors from various regions of Russia and near abroad. The amount of investments required may be from $ 20000 to several million dollars.

    Investors often run business themselves and have the skills necessary to manage the invested companies. If your business experience is limited, you should consider the possibility of joint investment with a more experienced investor. For this purpose we create the community, "MEA innovative elevator”, carrying out collective investments.

    We invite to cooperation not only private investors (angel investors), but also venture capital funds, corporate venture capital investors and others interested in investing in early stage projects.

    Investor accreditation gives you the right to receive information about our projects, as well as the opportunity to participate in ongoing activities. You must complete the application form. Your personal data is unavailable for viewing, and under no circumstances can be transferred to third parties without your consent.

    Following the accreditation, the Investor will always be able to get up-to-date information about our projects. If you take an interested in some project, you can request additional information, and if you expose the interest to hold talks with the author after becoming familiar with the project, we can organize the negotiations.

    Once in two or three months we hold a presentation, where the authors and businessmen present their projects to potential investors. The projects are then informally debated.

    Project "Packaging" services fee, which is usually 5% of the total investment, is to be paid after the contract is signed. If there is lack of own funds, this fee is included in total amount of the investments required.

    web: (in development)

    Submit requests, applications for participation:
    Inquiries tel. (495) 607-9622, 8 (925) 509-3992


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